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As we grow older, we may lose the heartiness we had when we were younger. However, we still have a heart, we still have a family and our lives are just as meaningful. When the lack of energy or the complications brought by a debilitating health condition slowly robs you of your independence, it’s possible that you’ll be recommended for long-term nursing home confinement or hospitalization.

When your health takes its toll, all you want to do is be close to family and stay in the comfort of your home. At Home Care Senior Services, Inc. we make it possible for you to stay where you want for as long as your health allows.

Home Care Senior Services, Inc. is a provider of structured health care services that are designed to be administered in a home setting. We address the client’s health care needs, illnesses and recovery. We have a team of nurses, therapists, home health aides and medical social workers who are ready to visit different homes all over our service area.

In addition to providing care directly to the patient, we also extend our care services to the family members:

  • Training of family members to assist the patient with continued services, care and managing medication after surgery, wounds and other basic personal care functions
  • Educating the family about the health care needs of their loved one after a stroke or upon a diagnosis of a disabling condition

Let us provide you and your family the guidance and counseling that you direly need during this health crisis. Please consider Home Care Senior Services, Inc. your partner is maintaining your best of health and quality of life at home. Call 832-524-0712 today for assistance.

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